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Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative - Everything You Need to Know
Attend this webinar to learn about the Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI) and how it offers INCLUSIVE HIGHER EDUCATION opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Massachusetts! The presenter will give attendees a full overview of MAICEI. She will include steps on how to become a partner with the program and also how families can advocate for their student to attend the program.

Presenter- Mary Price, Director - Massachusetts MAICEI Programs

Mary Price, is the Massachusetts MAICEI (Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative) Director for the Department of Higher Education, and has been in this role since January 2020. In this role, Mary oversees the fourteen MAICEI programs at many public colleges and universities throughout the state. Prior to her role as MAICEI Director, Mary served for over ten years as the MAICEI (EXCEL) Director at Bridgewater State University. It was there that she instituted the EXCEL (formally MAICEI) program, which is considered the flagship program for the state. Bridgewater State University was the first four-year institute of Higher Education in Massachusetts to launch such a program and has a successful residence life program as well. Mary has extensive background in grant writing, special education, and higher education. Prior to coming on board at BSU, Mary was an educator for middle and high school in the public sector.

This webinar will be recorded and available for later viewing.


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